Browning turkey gun

Firearm and ammunition manufacturers introduce new products and improvements to existing products for the year.

For ammunition there is a new gauge turkey shotshell from Federal and the expansion of a popular load from Winchester. Mossberg has teamed up with Marble Arms to offer the Bullseye on the Mossberg and shotguns. This sight is made from steel and features a double-ring, peep-design rear sight and a fiber optic front sight. Also, Mossberg is now making left-hanged versions of theand A1 models. The load is promoted as a longer range gobbler load with a muzzle velocity of FPS. The upgraded shotgun is improved from the gauge autoloading Remington Versa Max introduced in Both shotguns feature a gas-operating system called Versa Port, except the Remington V3 has a much shorter piston stroke than the old Versa Max.

The more compact system results in improved geometry, balance and swing characteristics.

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It is also deemed a self-cleaning shotgun because it takes high pressure to fire each load in such a way as to help keep the gun clean. Many misses result from super tight loads at close ranges, but not anymore. It also produces clean-killing patterns at the 30 and 40 yard ranges. According to Federal, the load uses a multi-shot, three-stage payload to deliver lethal patterns at any turkey range — close, medium and far.

Become a Member Make a Donation Shop. Hunt Wild Turkeys. Remington V3 The upgraded shotgun is improved from the gauge autoloading Remington Versa Max introduced in Browning turkey guns in new camo Browning now offers all of their turkey models in the new Mossy Oak Break-Up Country pattern. Federal 3 rd Degree gauge turkey load Many misses result from super tight loads at close ranges, but not anymore. Wayne Fears. Before the Hunt. Shooting Sports.

Learn to Hunt. DIY Projects. Wild Turkey Records.Shutterstock image.

browning turkey gun

Every year, Las Vegas, Nev. All hunting and shooting manufacturers and members of outdoor media will converge to release and report on new products scheduled to hit stores in Once SHOT wraps up, turkey season is right around the corner, and the time to consider upgrading your old warhorse shotgun to a newer model is at hand. Plus, there are some new chokes and shot that are as technologically advanced as anything on the market. The days of passing up skeptical longbeards at 50 yards and beyond are gone.

The new heavy loads from Browning are designed to reach further with more consistency, which is achieved thanks to the density of tungsten. Available in Spring ofthe new loads from Browning are the densest shot on the market. Pattern them and see for yourself. HeavyWeight TSS extends its deadly reach on gobblers with five new loads, including blends that combine No. With some payloads topping 1, pellets, they are more than double the shot count of lead No.

The rear-braking FliteControl Flex wad performs flawlessly through ported and standard turkey chokes for extremely consistent and deadly patterns. Specifically designed for TSS loads that have become very popular with turkey hunters across the nation, the new JellyHead will also shoot extremely tight patterns with Hevi-Shot, copper plated and lead shot.

The extended choke tube also allows for easy installation and removal by hand without the need for tools. HeavyWeight TSS turkey loads have transformed the. Its single-shot, break action is simple and incredibly reliable, and the inch barrel is optimized fro the new tungsten turkey loads. The removable one-piece rail makes it easy to equip the with an optic, and tis available in Mossy Oak Bottomland and Obsession camo patterns.

Originally only offered through Savage Special Order Office, the Model and bolt-action turkey shotguns are now available at gun dealers everywhere. Both are built around the rifle action, which is machined from steel bar stock and secured three-dimensionally along its entire length by the AccuStock internal chassis. The blued, inch carbon steel barrels are free-floating and secured to the receiver using a Model style locking nut that ensures shot-to-shot consistency.

See More Popular Videos. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow. Get Digital Access. Subscribe To The Magazine. Recommended Articles.Turkeys were an important source of food and sport until overhunting and forest clearing in the 19th and early 20th century wiped them out of all but the most remote woods.

Restoration efforts in the latter half of the century brought them back in the numbers we have today. Nevertheless there was a gap of about years of the 20th century during which turkey hunting and turkey guns were unknown to the majority of American hunters.

That may explain why there is no one accepted "classic" turkey gun, or even a short list. To help redress that oversight, here are 25 great turkey guns from colonial times to the sporting guns of the present day. Menu Sign Up. People have been shooting turkeys with guns since the first Europeans arrived on this continent and found the birds to be plentiful, tasty and not particularly at first anyway wary.

Turkeys were an important source of food and sport until overhunting and forest clearing in the 19th and early 20th century wiped them out of all but the most remote woods before restoration efforts in the latter half of the century brought them back in the numbers we have today. That may explain why there is no one accepted "classic" turkey gun or even a short list.

Blunderbuss The classic turkey gun of the Pilgrims was not the blunderuss meaning that more than Marilyn Monroe's shorts are historically inaccurate in this picture. The short, bell-barreled shotgun was more often used as a weapon of war and loaded with large shot. It's likely if a Pilgrim wanted to shoot a turkey he would used a "long fowler," a.

Daniel Boone Long Rifle Long Rifle The distinctly American long rifle accounted for untold numbers of turkeys as settlers pushed into the big woods east of the Mississippi. Developed by the German gunsmiths that settled in Pennsylvania and the southeast, the long rifle became the favorite of frontiersmen like Daniel Boone who prized them for their long range accuracy compared to smoothbore muskets.

With barrels feet long to maximize velocity, long rifles were made in calibers from. Blackpowder Double Blackpowder Double Throughout the 19th century, settlers and sportsmen alike hunted turkeys to the point where they were wiped out of much of their range by the early 20th century. Roost shooting was a common tactic. General William Strong wrote of a hunt in Indian Territory in thes: "I then remembered it was regarded, among honorable sportsmen, as perfectly legitimate to shoot turkeys while sitting at night.

I hesitated no longer. Winchester Model 97 Winchester Model 97 John Browning's pump, the first slide action chambered for smokeless powder, has the look and feel of an antique harvesting machine. It's ungainly in action, with parts sticking out in all directions when you work the slide. At the same time the 97 is a surprisingly slender, natural pointer.

I hunted with a Model 97 for a couple of years in the 90s, added two turkeys to its life list and passed it on to the next owner. You can still find used 97s today, although they have become popular among cowboy action shooters who snap them up whenever they appear on the used market.

Alvin York 's Muzzleloader Alvin York 's Muzzleloader Muzzleloaders remained in use into the early 20th century in poor rural areas because they were inexpensive to shoot and easy to repair. America's most decorated turkey hunter has to be Alvin York, who grew up hunting turkeys and other small game near Pall Mall, Tennessee with a muzzleloader.Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website.

It appears that you are accessing the Browning Website from outside North America.

browning turkey gun

Would you like to visit Browning International? Short Picatinny rail designed for red dot optic. Marble Arms Bullseye rear sight and fiber-optic front sight. Five Invector-Plus choke tubes, including extended Ultimate Full Turkey, Spreader, and flush fit full, modified and improved cylinder. Camo composite stock. The ultimate Cynergy for turkey hunting. But the big difference is the short Picatinny rail designed for red dot optic.

Plus it includes a Marble Arms Bullseye rear sight and fiber-optic front sight. Top the package off with five Invector-Plus choke tubes, including extended Ultimate Full Turkey, Spreader, and flush fit full, modified and improved cylinder.

This Cynergy shotgun is the product of years of experience, skilled engineering, and careful consideration for the needs of the serious turkey hunter. Anyone who hunts turkeys knows that you can't predict if they'll come in near or far, and sometimes you only have the smallest of opportunities to make that critical shot at what is a very small target.

browning turkey gun

The over and under shotgun allows you to switch from an extra full pattern to a spreader choke with a simple flick of a top-tang switch. The Marble Arms Bullseye rear sight and fiber-optic front sight give you a precise aiming point and are reliable enough to serve as your primary sight, or a backup sight to the red-dot optic of your choice mounted to the included short length Picatinny rail mounted to the receiver.

Top target is full choke and the bottom is the spreader choke. Be ready no matter what distance you can call him in to. Dressed to kill. Not least worth mentioning is the Inflex recoil pad that will soak up the punishment of a magnum turkey cartridge, even with your back up against a tree.

And simple swapping of choke tubes will leave you with an excellent slug gun for whitetail season. The Cynergy made a technological breakthrough with its MonoLock Hinge, making it possible to create an over under shotgun with an ultra-low profile receiver.

The version, now in our regular line, is essentially the same with some difference in choke tubes in order to maximize the performance package. Take me to Browning International No. Take me to Browning North America. Download Hi-Res Image. A comfortable and extremely effective Inflex recoil pad. Short Picatinny rail to mount red dot optics. Red dot sight not included. Item Selector. Additional Product Information.

Over/Under Gobbler Buster: Browning’s Cyngery Ultimate Turkey Shotgun – Full Review.

Cynergy Shotguns. CX with Adjustable Comb. CX Composite. Micro Midas. Limited Availability Discontinued Models.Moderator: shotgunworld. Browning A5 - turkey hunting Moderator: shotgunworld. Posted: Wed Mar 08, pm. Looking for a turkey setup for my Browning A5.

Thanks in advance. Posted: Thu Mar 09, am. Maybe try www. I have had good patterns with modified choke but in my regular fixed choke full barrel any turkey in 40 yds is as good as in the pot. Very impressive patterns. So I would suggest trying these shells in either 5 or 6 shot with a std full choke and I think you will have your turkey gun.

Just my. Posted: Thu Mar 09, pm. I have not been turkey hunting but: Why would it make a difference if you are using a Browning A-5, Remingtonetc. I've hunted turkey with several different shotguns and know quite a few turkey hunters.

Randy's suggestion is popular as is Federal Heavyweight.

browning turkey gun

Both seem to work well in a variety of shotguns. When it comes to chokes I believe there is no way of knowing without trying different ones in your particular shotgun. It patterned great with Federal Heavyweight 7. My daughter has the same shotgun with the exception of having a shorter LOP. The SumToy didn't pattern as well in my daughter's shotgun with Federal Heavyweight 7 so we tried a Trulock Turkey choke and got lucky with it.

Posted: Fri Mar 10, am. I bought a Trulock turkey choke for my A5 and found it shoots better patterns with Longbeard 3" 6's. Than 4's or 5's. My daughter used it past couple years.Having two different chokes on tap lets you match the range to your bird, and no other gun gives such fast follow-up shots. This is definitely one tricked out gun.

The Browning Cynergy Ultimate Turkey Shotgun wears composite furniture with strategically placed rubber inserts. The soft touch coating makes the Cynergy easy to grasp, even when wet.

The top barrel sports a full length rib, fiber optic front sight, and Marbles Arms Bullseye rear sight.

Cynergy Ultimate Turkey, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

More on that when we get to the range. The 3. The recoil pad also has a Parylene coating that helps it slide over clothing and keeps the pad pliable. It shouldered smoothly every time for me. Now for the good stuff.

3 unlikely O/U shotguns for spring turkey

First the Browning Cynergy has a compact action block machined from a steel forging. Instead of hinging on trunnion pins, the Cynergy hinges on quarter-circle cut-outs in the action block with matching projections on the barrel monobloc. This provides considerably more surface area which contributes to the strength and durability of the receiver.

The trigger is superb. It has a little take-up then breaks crisply at about 6 pounds with very little overtravel. The superior trigger characteristics come from the unique action of the Cynergy.

There are no hammers. This is a striker-fired gun where the springs work directly on the firing pins via a pair of levers. The sear works directly on the levers producing the crisp trigger break and reduced lock time, the time between when the trigger breaks and the firing pin ignites the primer. Quicker is better. No inertia is needed for the hammers strikers to set. The safety is tang mounted and is also used to select barrels.

First they are back bored. There is less pressure of the shot charge against the barrel wall. This reduces friction allowing the charge to accelerate more quickly while also reducing shot deformation. Another bonus is a slight reduction in recoil.

Reducing shot deformation, of course, is the secret to keeping the shot pattern tight and consistent. To that end, the taper in the transition from the bore diameter to the barrel diameter forcing cone is longer than standard. This is a popular customizing practice that comes standard on the Cynergy.

The Cynergy Turkey gun also comes with extended choke tubes which provide a smoother transition for the shot through the chokes. After all, half the fun is calling that gobbler in with your favorite call. Federal was kind enough to send me four of their most popular turkey loads for this review.

I have to say that game specific ammunition has come a long way. It points quickly, has a great trigger, and the Inflex recoil pad works great. Conditions at the range were 42 degrees Fahrenheit with a mph wind blowing left to right. Typical Colorado high country turkey weather.

For the longer shots, I used the Ultimate Full Turkey extended choke. For the closer shots, I used the extended Spreader.Spring turkey season is here! I have made that statement plenty of times over the years. Most of us only shoot one or two birds a year, so a box or two of ammo can last a long time and turkey loads can be expensive.

However, shell technology has advanced a lot in recent years and it might be worth investing in some new shells this year. There is no question that the turkey loads on the market today can help increase the odds of filling a tag. Many of the loads on the market today hold tighter patterns at further distances than ever before. That can result in more fans on the wall and meat in the freezer. Am I telling you to take 60 or 70 yard shots?

No, I am not, but a good tight pattern usually results in more filled tags. Browning is best known for manufacturing top notch guns but they also offer a great line of ammunition. Their turkey load BXD Turkey utilizes an aerodynamically stabilized wad that releases shot consistently for tight, uniform patterns.

The nickel-plated lead shot ensures the pellets remain true in flight and hit hard upon impact. Turkeys hunters are looking for a load that will give them a few extra yards. Between the one of a kind wad and the nickel-plated lead, this load will surely get the job done. Apex Ammunition has a great new tungsten turkey load called Small Town Blend. The load has been gaining a lot of attention in the turkey hunting world.

This load gives a large and small pellet that results in an amazing amount of knockdown power and extreme ranges. The Apex ammo has been so popular these days that supplies are somewhat limited as the company works hard to keep up with inventory.

The new Federal Heavyweight TSS shotgun loads are the perfect solution for extended shot opportunities as well as when you find yourself in the the thick stuff.

As a result, a much smaller sized pellet can easily kill a turkey. You may be wondering how many 9 TSS pellets can fit in a shell?


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